The Heavens Declare
Five Children, Eight Planets, One God

13-year-old Brian and his family have a wonderful vacation planned. They've rented a cabin in the woods, and Dad is bringing his telescope along. It's shaping up to be a delightful time of playing in the woods, learning about the planets, and even meeting new friends. But all along the way, unexpected delays—and thunderstorms!—shake things up. Can Brian and his siblings trust that God's plan is the best plan? 126 pages, softcover, only $8.95 + S&H. (Read more reviews, excerpts, etc.)

Light of the World
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A power outage, a grumpy neighbor, a chess set, and the Light of the World... a living book about light.
Why do tomatoes look red? Why must Danielle call for an ambulance? What does refraction mean? Why is elderly Mr. Simmons so gruff, and what does the Edwards family know that will finally bring joy to his life? Find out in this warm, uplifting living science book. Join the Edwards family as they investigate the amazing properties of light and spread the light of the Gospel in their neighborhood. Don't miss this story full of fun, science, and mystery! 128 pages, softcover, only $8.95 + S&H. (Read more reviews, excerpts, etc.)

Pearl's Practice
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"When I grow up I want to get married and be a mommy." As Pearl waits impatiently for her new brother or sister, she learns and practices skills that will help her be a good mother someday. 52 pages, softcover, only $4.99 + S&H. Ages 5-8, great read-aloud. (Read more)

The Case of the Tabloid Tattler
(The Kitten Files, #1)
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"I'm Mia.
I know how to write.
Why's that a big deal?
Because... I'm a cat."

Someone is telling the tabloids about Ms. Thornblood's every move. Is it the housekeeper? the cook? the maid? the handyman? The detective hired to solve the case isn't sure. Things are looking pretty hopeless until Mia, his talented cat, offers to spend a week at Ms. Thornblood's as a spy.

With time running out, and an embarrassing secret about to be revealed, will Mia be able to save the day—and solve her first case? 
74 pages, softcover or Kindle, ages 8-12, great read-aloud.

Reminders: from a pastor to his flock
by Jerry W.
Compiled and edited by Yours Truly

A 31-day devotional compilation of a pastor's column originally written for his church's bulletin.