Monday, January 2, 2012

"What's Winter?" a (very) short story

The following is a short, sisterly vignette I wrote back in 2007. That said, the writing is not my best, but it is still a fun little piece meant for a young audience. If you have any little people nearby, grab one and read it to them.

"Look at my new pajamas, Carrie," said a little girl with golden-brown curls. She stood at the top of the stairs and waited for her big sister to come up. Carrie held the railing and carefully climbed up the stairs.

"I like your new pajamas, Amelia," she said. "You'll be so cozy and warm in them!"
"Yeah," said Amelia happily, "they're from Winter!"

"Who's Winter?" Carrie wondered as they walked into the bathroom.
"No, I mean I got them at Winter," Amelia clarified. Carrie gave her a puzzled look.
"Where's Winter?"
"I mean I got my pajamas when we did Winter!" the younger girl said.
"How do you do winter?" asked Carrie, standing on tip-toe to get their toothbrushes off the bathroom counter.
Amelia began to hop up and down. "I mean--I mean... um, I mean I got them during Winter."

"Winter is just starting and you don't even remember last winter," Carrie objected.

"No, I do remember; it was just Winter a few days ago. I remember! I do! I do!"

"But when was this Winter, Amelia? I don't understand!" Carrie stood bewildered in the middle of the bathroom, a toothbrush in each hand.

"What's going on girlies?" asked big sister Kelly. Kelly was big. She was bigger than Amelia, bigger than Carrie, and almost as big as Mommy. Kelly was even big enough to get married!

"Oh," sighed Amelia.

"Oh," sighed Carrie.

Kelly looked thoughtfully at the girls and said, "Why, Amelia, I like those new pajamas you have on! They'll keep you nice and warm this winter, won't they? And you sure had fun picking them out of our Winter clothes box yesterday!"

"Oh!" cried Carrie.

"Oh!" cried Amelia.

"Yes, I do like your pajamas, Amelia," said Carrie, "and now I understand what you were saying! You mean, you got them from the winter box?"

Amelia grinned and nodded; it was good to be understood. "Can I have my toothbrush now?"

(c) 2007 Perry Elisabeth

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  1. Haha, I love it! The simplicity suits the story. I especially like the perspective of Kelly being "almost as big as mommy, big enough to get married." That is SUCH a younger sibling thing!