Friday, February 17, 2012

Been a Bit Busy

This has absolutely nothing to do with writing--just my absence from it. Enjoy...
And, beginning today, I will be picking up the pen again (okay, figuratively, since I do all my writing on the computer), and finishing some projects, prepare the code hunt, host a Scribble Fest, and give you all a bit of inspiration with some "What-ifs."


  1. All of that sounds absolutely wonderful. I shall be awaiting eagerly. :D

  2. Nice movie, boo hooo! Love you! And now I shall go prove I'm not a robot!

  3. Most excellent writer,

    Can you inform my most eager ears to the nature of such a Scribble Fest that you might by sincere invitation host?

    Such grand adventure it must be, but of it, I know not?

    1. Yes, I can inform your most eager ears! A Scribble Fest is a writing challenge in which participants set themselves a timer and scribble like mad, trying to write as much new material as possible in 10 minutes. It's really fun!
      To learn more, you might like to view this video: (
      read this post: (
      or read any of the awesome previous Scribbles by finding "Scribble Fest 1" or "Scribble Fest 2" in our tag cloud to the right.
      More information about the next one will be coming soon. I hope you join us!