Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tag! I'm "It"

Yes, I like to write, but I'm also a normal person. (Okay, normal might not be quite the right word.) Anyhow, to help everyone get to know me a bit better, I have joined the game of cyber-tag. Jordanna tagged me, so now I'm tagging...
Sadie 1
Sadie 2
And anybody else who wants to join in!
Rules of the game:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 11 random things about yourself. (Though this can be optional.)
3. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you ask to answer.
5. Go to their blog and let them know you've tagged them.
About me:
  1. I'm 10 weeks pregnant! YAY!
  2. Brussell's sprouts make me squeamish.
  3. I sometimes have difficulty expressing something in writing without the use of storytelling.
  4. I like the book of Philippians.
  5. I'm still learning to drive!! O.o
  6. French fries rule. Yum.
  7. I'm kinda' a sucker for these games.
  8. Improper use of "to" (or "too") and "your" (or "you're") seriously bugs me. I'm gonna write a post about it one of these days.
  9. My K-12 education included a heavy dose of in-depth history study. I'm a bit of a history nut and I love it! :-D
  10. I play piano, guitar, Irish pennywhistle, and fiddle (self-taught, not so great)!
  11. I have more story ideas than I have time for. Too bad there isn't an idea auction out there... "Surplus story ideas! Extra! Extra! Come and place your bid!"
Here's what Jordanna asked me:
  1. How many houses have you lived in?
    I'm living in my 10th house right now.
  2. Would you rather fly or drive?Well... considering the TSA situation, drive, I guess. :-\
  3. Science or Math?Math.
  4. If you could choose one book, other than your Bible, to take with you anywhere, what would it be?
    A blank notebook!!!
  5. What do you think about keeping rats as pets?
    I had one when I was little; his name was Oliver. These days, I don't think I'd like one. :]
  6. What is your favorite meal?
    Homemade burritos with all the fixin's!
  7. Do you have a favorite era of history? If so, what is it? Uuuummm... boy, that's a hard one for me. I know too much about each era for me to really have a favorite. Always conflict, selfishness, land-acquisition. I guess I like it when Rome couldn't take over those crazy Celts in Brittania but Christianity did. ;)
  8. Tea with the ladies or Shooting with the men?
    Shooting with MY man! (Unless I'm feeling morning sick. Then I'd better stick with a good pregnancy tea with the ladies.)
  9. Do you have a favorite section of Scripture?
    Not really. I like too many passages to have one favorite. (You know, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm just terribly indecisive. I can decide whether I am or not...)
  10. Would you rather fix something or buy a new one?
    Fix it! DIY!
  11. What is the next skill you plan on learning?
    How to give birth. :}
 And here's what I'm asking:
1. Were you / are you homeschooled?
2. Do you like rain or sunshine?
3. What is one thing that usually inspires you to write?
4. Facebook: "like" or "unlike"?
5. How many people are in your family?
6. Have you ever written something on a roll of toilet paper?
7. Fiddle or classical violin music?
8. Do you know the rules for "to," "too," "your," and "you're"? ;)
9. Do you prefer writing on paper or on the computer?
10. What is your favorite book (other than the Bible)?
11. How many books do you personally own? (You can estimate if the amount is so great you won't get any writing done today for counting them all.)
(Even if you don't like to do these, I hope you got some entertainment out of reading all this!)


  1. Classical violin music!

    That's all I'm gonna say about that... :-D

  2. That was fun to read :)

    Definitely "YAY!!" about the baby!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! ;) Thanks for tagging me.

  3. Thanks so much for tagging me! I don't usually do these, but I'm happy you thought of me. :) Hugs!

  4. Hey Perry!

    Thanks so much for your comment the other day (actually, in March, hehe) on my blog! I don't know how you found me, but I'm glad you did, because you may not remember this but~~we met [rather briefly] at the Creation Conference in Rainier! :) You and your sister were so sweet and I wish we could see you again sometime. Are you going to the CH conference (I know you are friends of the Browns; thus I heard from them that y'all went a couple of years ago)?? If so, we will be there!

    Oh--and CONGRATS firstly on your marriage; secondly on the baby! Woohoo! So exciting. :]

    Blessings in Christ,

    1. OH! Wow... seriously?! That's so funny! I kept looking at your blog pictures thinking you looked familiar, but I didn't have a clue! I'm so glad you commented and connected the dots for me. :D
      My family will be at the CH conference (and two sisters my brother will be singing in the chorale). I don't know if Tyler and I will be there. It's still up in the air. ;)
      Thanks for the "congrats"... we're very excited!
      In Christ,

  5. Thanks for tagging me Perry! Your questions look like fun! I'm looking forward to doing the post! :)

    To the KING be all the glory!