Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Little Brown Eyes" - a lullaby

You're adorable,
A gift from God,
A gift of love to us.
With your soft brown hair,
Your rosy face
Brimming over with God's good grace.

When I gaze into your eyes,
I begin to realize
That love for you is filling my heart,
My sister, Little Brown Eyes.

When I gaze into your little brown eyes,
I hope the little brown eyes in my future--
The ones who say "Tuck me in,"
The ones that brim love so pure--
Will be a lot like yours.

(c)2011 Perry Elisabeth

Perhaps this doesn't read well as a poem, but be assured it works well as a song. It was written for my youngest sister, Elizabeth. Now I'm looking forward to meeting the "little brown eyes in my future" in about 6 weeks. Time will tell if they are brown or blue, but either way, I will love them!


  1. That's so sweet Perry! Great job :)
    Yes, blue or brown, I will them too!