Monday, October 15, 2012

E-book Giveaway: "Tales of the Heartily Homeschooled"

This giveaway is over, and according to, the winner is... Rebekah! Congrats!
"What do you get when you throw 20 children, four parents, several cross-country trips, and a sense of humour between the covers of one book? Lots and lots of big family fun that will tickle the funny bones and warm the hearts of your entire clan..." (Description from
I found this book perfectly hilarious. I read it in one afternoon in my quiet house, laughing aloud at the delightful insanity of large-family life, and aching as the similarities to my own family made me miss them. As you can see from adjective in the title ("Tales of the Heartily Homeschooled") the authors have a refreshingly positive outlook on homeschooling, large families, younger siblings, controlled (or not-so-controlled) chaos, and the ways that God has grown them through it all. From zany kitchen conversations to adorable little ones, flaming BBQs to road trips, this book is a fantastic read and an even better read-aloud. (I've started reading it to my Tyler.)
(Just a side note: there is one chapter that won't make as much sense to someone unfamiliar with the hobbits of J.R.R. Tolkien.)

Rachel Starr Thomson is a writer, indie publisher, and editor. She's the author of the Seventh World Trilogy and other novels and short stories. Rachel is a homeschool graduate, a dweller in southern Canada, a lover of long walks, good books, hot tea, and rich fellowship, and a counter-cultural revolutionary who thinks we'd all be much better off if we pitched our television sets out the nearest window. Find her and her other books at

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Stay tuned! The next giveaway, "Firmament: Radialloy" begins October 22nd.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author for the purpose of reading and reviewing the book. I was not paid to write this review; all thoughts are mine and 100% honest. A big thanks to Rachel for the oportunity to review this book and sponsoring a copy for the giveaway!


  1. I want to read the giveaway book!! Sounds like fun!!

  2. We would like to read "Tales of the Heartily Homeschooled"! We've heard it is oh-so-funny, and from the sample we've seen, we believe it!

  3. We love large families!! Look forward to reading about their adventure!

  4. Do I comment here? If I had to pick one, this sure looks like the one I would pick! (unless she had a book on how to deer hunt.....)

  5. I think I'd like to read the Homeschooling one. :)

  6. This sounds like a book I (and my parents!) would enjoy! :D Thanks so much for hosting a giveaway!

    Of her other books, "Taerith" sounds like it has some delightful drama--just my style!

  7. Sounds like an interesting book! :D

    To the KING be all the glory!