Friday, December 7, 2012

Thankful Baby

Baby K throws his head back when he's done eating. His eyes are closed and just look like lines for lack of lashes. Every muscle in his face is utterly relaxed, especially his little mouth and slack jaw. It sags open in a slightly triangular shape, mimicking the shape of his nose. Every inch of him exudes contentment and a sense of being very well fed--his cheeks practically scream it. This is particularly cute on Thanksgiving day: he zonks out after a feeding and we just have to take a picture as he's wearing a bib that says, "My First Thanksgiving."


  1. Hmm... maaaybeee...
    I'll think about it. ;)

  2. He sounds like the perfect baby. =)

    Jordanna-- Sadie K has posted a few pictures on her blog of Kellen.