Friday, September 13, 2013

An Introductory Post

So, I'm one of the writers for Word Painters, a new writing encouragement blog. (Go check it out and follow/subscribe!!) Even though most of you have been reading my blog for awhile now, I thought it would be fun to share my Word Painters introductory post...


I'm Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick, wife to my best friend, Tyler, and mommy to sweet 10-month-old Kellen and another "in the oven" as they say. I'm 21 years old, the oldest of 8 homeschooled kids.

I'm an insecure, second-guessing writer who publishes a book whenever I gather the courage to plow--and pray--my way to the finish line. And then I freak out every time I crack open the finished book, worried that it's all a piece of silly junk! But at the same time, I love every minute of it. (Is that weird?)

I love developing a book idea, making a plan, pounding it out line by line. I love getting feedback from my family (the best part is making my parents cry with a poignant ending!!). I love getting the book polished to the best of my abilities. I love designing the cover, making the layout stylish and professional, and finally uploading those files to the publisher. I especially love feeling the glossy finished product in my hands.
(By the way, I my first two books are getting a makeover with improved covers! )

When I'm not in one of those phases of book-birthing, I enjoy sewing and knitting, playing piano and a handful of other instruments, doing freelance book design, playing with my hubby and our munchkin, absolutely DEVOURING books, and rambling about theology, politics, and social issues while doing housework. (Usually the baby is the only one listening. Makes me wonder if one day he'll wake up talking about the sufficiency of Scripture or something...)

Anyhow! I always have a terrible time introducing myself, but hopefully that gives you an idea of who I am. I can't wait to begin sharing writing and self-publishing encouragement here on Word Painters every other Friday. And I'm definitely looking forward to meeting you; I love hearing from fellow authors--aspiring and published! Drop me a line any time!

God bless!



  1. Love this Perry! Explains you wonderfully. :) Such a cute blog design you have now, too.