Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Short Story: Sheriff H.A. GarbanzoBean Rides Again

It was cold enough to be ridiculous. The wind whipping down Main Street only added to the ridiculousness of the situation. Dustyplace hardly ever got snow, but it was prone to these bitterly cold and windy days--which Sheriff H.A. GarbanzoBean severely disliked.

After the wind had blown open the door of his office for the fourth time that morning, he decided to do something about it. He jumped up from his desk where he had been busily trying to warm his hands around a cup of coffee. The coffee had long since cooled, so he brought the mug with him and chucked the contents into the street.

Setting the cup just inside the door and clapping his cowboy hat on his head at the proper sheriff-ly angle, he stepped out into the street to deal with the wind.

"Now, see here!" he bellowed up into the sky. "That's breaking and entering if I've ever seen it! I've been patient, but I'd say you're officially a repeat offender."

The wind didn't reply or change what it was doing.

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