Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Two Celebrations of the Technological Sort

Hey! I'm officially back! I don't know if you actually missed me too badly because I was able to schedule some posts while at the library, but I've been without internet for the past month! Just this afternoon, our provider finally got us hooked up, so here I am! (Yay, happy dance, etc.) That's the first technological celebration.

The second is the fact that I've just started dabbling with digital drawing... and I'm. Loving. It. Wow. And the whole set up I got off Craigslist... woohoo! Even better!! :)

So, by way of celebration, I thought I'd share this little wallpaper I threw together. I traced the basic outline of the penguin from a photo. This is one of my first stabs at drawing with a graphics tablet. That's why it's so... um... whimsical, shall we say? But I personally think he's a rather adorable penguin (no thanks to the artist).

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