Monday, July 28, 2014

Book Giveaway! "The Sparrow Found a House" by Jason McIntire

I asked the good folks on my Facebook Fan Page to raise their hands if they like free books. A whole bunch of them did, so here we go...

Jason McIntire, a homeschool graduate and author at Elisha Press, offered a paperback copy of his family-friendly homeschool fiction, "The Sparrow Found a House" as a giveaway. I just know you're gonna love it.
Here's why...

In which I praise "The Sparrow Found a House":
It's not often that you can find a good fiction book about being a homeschooler. And, to be honest, I've never read one with as interesting a premise as this: 
What if your new stepdad was a Bible-toting Army Sergeant?
Fifteen-year-old Jessie Rivera is living every teenager’s nightmare. Her widowed mom has married a man who wears his heavy Christian values like his sergeant’s stripes – on both sleeves. Glenn Sparrow is persistent, immovable, and not afraid to be firm. Worse than that, he’s loving, kind – even fun – and he has Chris, Moe, and Katie completely won over. But Jessie is determined that she won’t be won over, or give up her “freedom” without a fight. She knows what she wants, and it isn’t what they’ve got. Or is it?
This book is truly a story of family transformation. It is an enjoyable read with realistic characters (can I just say Sergeant Sparrow is awesome?), an interesting plot, and meaningful lessons and depictions of personal growth throughout.

This book would be a great family read-aloud and might prompt some interesting dinner-table discussions. I could also see this being a very encouraging story for families just starting on the homeschooling journey.

I fully intend to read this book to my children when they're older. (they really wouldn't get it at 21 months and 5 months!) In the meantime, I'm going to encourage all my homeschooling friends to check it out. 

I highly recommend "The Sparrow Found a House." (And I wasn't required to say that. It's my own opinion. Just sayin'...)

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Don't think you can wait to see if you've won? Know someone who needs this book as a gift? Buy a copy directly from me at a discount (only $10+shipping). I take cash, check, PayPal, or credit--whatever is easiest for you!

In which I share my Parents' Guide Review of "The Sparrow Found a House":
(Since I don't know your family's reading standards, nor am I responsible for raising your children, I provide you with the info you need to make your own decision. As always, I recommend parents pre-read their children's books.)

Genre: Contemporary Fiction (Homeschoolers)
Rating: G
Recommended for: All ages, family read aloud

The story of children trying to adjust to their new stepfather (married their widowed mother) and his ideas about godly parenting and homeschooling.

Concerns: some of the children (especially the eldest) have bad attitudes to begin with, run-ins with school bullies, some lying (but it’s dealt with properly), skeptical relatives, and a non-stressful run-in with a social worker.

Specific questions? Just ask!

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