Wednesday, December 7, 2011


By way of example for this Saturday's Scribble Fest, here is my 10-minute character description. As with all Scribble Fest writings, it is a very first, quickly-written draft and rough around the edges. That said, enjoy meeting "Alicia," a fictional girl I made up just a few moments ago...
She had a spring in her step and a spring in her hair. There was nothing quite stunning about her except her hair. It hung long and loose in perfectly natural black curls, which—when they were behaving themselves—were glossy and smooth. She could have looked distinguished if it weren't for her nose. It was a small one, pert and inquisitive, sprinkled liberally with freckles. Below were pink lips, often widening into an accepting and somewhat toothy smile, and above were brown eyes so warm they snapped and crackled, darting in interest at the life all about her. She walked with a lilt as if the day was set to some delightful soundtrack. At times, however, the lilt was gone and she would sit pensively, large eyes contemplating the treetops. There would be thoughts swirling at great speed in her dark head, and sometimes, if there was some injustice or wrong to be made right, she would leap to her feed, head erect, eyes blazing. In these moments, she would utterly forget her small height and few years.
Copyright 2011 by Perry Elisabeth

Will you have 10 minutes this Saturday? Join the Scribble Fest and send in a character description of your own!

We will take 10 minutes to describe a new fictional character in the most vivid, life-like way possible. Don't recycle a character previously used in a story; part of the challenge is creating a new character on the spot and capturing their essence in a quick paragraph. When describing, some like to loosly follow what the five senses might perceive. Personally, I like to read descriptions that, through word choices in the visual description of the character, also give insight into their personality.

I hope to see you and your character this Saturday. Happy scribbling!

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