Thursday, December 8, 2011

Code Hunt Coming Soon!

Over the past couple weeks, I, with the help of my siblings, have been developing a code hunt to begin in January 2012. For those who are familiar with Vision Forum and their mysteries (most notably, the Jamestown 400), this hunt is designed to be similar. Although it is simpler and much shorter, it will lead you in traipsing across time and the internet as you search for hidden messages, answer questions to receive clues, and eventually--write. I know, how surprising that writing would be part of a code hunt I've developed. If you like codes, mysteries, and puzzle-solving, grab the button in the sidebar and stick it on your blog. Tell everybody--you'll want all the competition you can get, you know!


  1. This sounds delightful! I haven't been able to do any of VF's hunts, but barring catastrophic circumstances, I'd love to join in this. Very nicely designed button, too!

  2. I have never fully done the VF hunts, but I helped a friend with a little of Jamestown 400. They have always been terribly fascinating to me, though! I'd love to have you participate!
    Spread the word?

  3. Sounds fun and planning to do it! I remember my mom and Tyler did the VF Jamestown 400 hunt and they missed the deadline by like a couple minutes! I will spread the word.

  4. Oh, I remember that! Such a bummer to miss it by minutes. :(
    I hope you can join the hunt!