Saturday, December 10, 2011


His dark eyes watched closely the empty, hollow ones of the people walking by. He offered them those papers as a result of the compassion in his heart. One hand was shoved deep into the pocket of his blue jeans, the other holding out that Gospel tract. Everytime someone passed by, he spoke to them in his deep voice, asking them if they would like a tract. Most everyone shook their heads "no," and looked at the man with open curiosity. He looked around at the shopping malls around him, the pairs of teenagers walking by, the loud music humming in his ears. This had been his life, but he had traded it for something better. That was why he was here today. He ran his hand through his thick brown hair and asked the Father for patience and fruitfulness.

Copyright 2011 Kate W.

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  1. Good job, Kate!
    This makes me wonder what his backstory is, and it combines the visual and personality description with action very smoothly.