Saturday, December 10, 2011


Sally crept quickly near the house, peeking through the window.  Glancing at the family doing devotions, she sighed.  It must be nice having devotions with your family every night, she thought.  Suddenly, remembering her allergies to the Smiths' dog, she ran quietly to the bushes.  After her sneezing fit, she ran back to the open window.  She had been doing this for almost three months now.  Her parents weren't Christians, they were out every night.  Sally had so wished for a Christian family ever since she gone to church 4 months ago.  So now she knew a lot about the Bible through this Christian family.  They never knew she was there, she was very quiet.  She had a Bible, but she couldn't bring it since her mother's sister always babysat her and she wasn't Christian either.  Afraid she would get caught with a Bible, she remembered the passages in her mind.  Later when she got home, she would read them before going to bed.  The Smiths' were reading  Matthew chapter 5 tonight..  First came the Beatitudes, which she had memorized on her own.  The Smiths' children had too.  This was their reciting night.   As Sally watched from the window, a small tear dripped from her eye.

Copyright 2011 Sydney W.


  1. Sydney, this is excellent! I get the feel of who this girl is and what she wishes for. She seems very determined! It makes me wonder what will happen in her life-story...

  2. Thanks!! I am actually writing more to the story............. Congratulations on your engagement!!! Excited for you! :)