Saturday, December 10, 2011


First in for the Scribble Fest...

The wind whistled through the barred window, bringing with it the putrid smell of the moat water.  Hubert stamped his feet.  At a rapid dog trot, he crossed and recrossed his tiny cell, his mind racing.  He was a big man, well over 6 feet, brawny and rough.  Revolving the plans in his mind, he reassured himself that all contingencies had been covered.  His usually cool personality, was overwhelmed by the urgency of the situation.  A controlling individual, Hubert was really struggling with the uncertainty of depending on someone else.

Copyright 2011 Jordanna


  1. Great job, Jordanna!
    You managed to combine visual description with hints into his personality and make a very intriguing "teaser" or opening.

  2. Very cool! What sort of setting/plot are you thinking? (Of course, you don't have to share if you don't want to.)

  3. You'll find out next saturday when I release the first part ;) I would love all the feed back I could get, since this is a story I am serious about. You're welcome to email me, too, as opposed to commenting. I have no preference.

    Thanks again! :)