Saturday, December 3, 2011

"KFC Adventure"

A silver mini van drove in to the parking lot of a KFC. Three boys, two girls, and a dad and mom pilled out. They walked quickly in. The three boys looked hungrily at the menu. The Dad stood at the desk and ordered. “Four whole sets of all the food please.”

The man at the desk looked at him strangely, then at the boys.

”Those boys must be super hungry.” He mused. One boy, the youngest said, "No we are just going to bring it to some…” he never finished. The oldest boy put his hand over his mouth and said something in his ear. Two men in dark sun glasses watched them at a nearby table. One spilled a glass of water which caught the Dad's eye. He became really nervous and sent the kids to the car, and, once he got the order followed, them. The men stayed and talked. ”We're close on their track. This family will lead us to THEM. Soon we'll find out their plan.”

Copyright 2011 Anna W.


  1. That is such a suspensful story!! I am on my toes trying to think what will happen next. Please finish the story!!! :)

  2. Wow! Wonder what's going on... You've got it, Sydney, it's full of suspense!

  3. I will never go to another KFC!Who are they hiding and bring food to??