Saturday, December 3, 2011

"The Watch"

A slight breeze stirred the leaves that fell softly from the trees. The forest floor was covered with orange and yellow. Clouds started creeping up on the sun, blocking the rays that had filtered through the trees onto the young man of about twenty as he bent attentively over the gold watch he held. The back was pryed off and the man was trying, with difficulty, to replace the springs and gears into their working order. A stick snapped behind him and the man whirled around to see nothing--and he bent to work again.

Copyright 2011 Paul W.


  1. What is he up to, I wonder?! It seems some mischief is afoot...

  2. Very nice description. The tone makes me curious - it's both relaxed and suspicious at the same time.

  3. Very good description, sounds like the kind of book I would like to read.