Friday, March 2, 2012

"The Attic"

Twenty-five-year-old Adam begrudgingly went up the attic stairs. When he reached the door he paused, unsure if he would really go through with what he had to do.
“Why must I go up here to my grandmother’s old attic anyhow?  What is the point? I just don’t understand,” he wondered.

Then he reached for the door knob and tried it. It stuck for just a moment and then it slowly creaked open for him. Inside the old attic it was very dark and musty smelling. He cautiously reached for the light switch. Where was it? He brushed away a few cobwebs. Ah, yes, there it was, just to the left. It flashed on and the suddenness of the yellow light stung his eyes for a moment. When they had adjusted to the new light, he gazed about himself.

“Now,” he said to himself, “Where is this old trunk I must find?” He saw before him several boxes, a few labeled ‘Christmas decor’, and ‘books’. A few ratty old wreathes piled up on a beat up couch, and a manikin in one corner. Then something unusual caught his eye. What was this? A box labeled ‘Adam’. He slowly went over to it, and carefully opened it. And what met his eyes was a curious sight.

Copyright 2012 by Sadie F.


  1. Sadie...did you and your family attend Heritage Baptist Church for a little while a couple years ago? If so, I know you!!! But I had no idea you knew Perry and were on her blog!

    Great scribble by the way :)

  2. Lisa, Tyler was thinking the same thing! We don't actually know each other, but she found my blog... and she Scribbled. Yay!
    Sadie, if you are the Sadie we're thinking you are, I'm from HBC as well. My family moved out of state just before you were there.

  3. Yes, I did! Lisa Dales? It has been a long time!! Actually I don't believe I met Perry, but Mama is friends with a few of the church ladies on Facebook and when Tyler and Perry got married Mrs. Hubler posted the video on Facebook and Mama and I watched it. It was so sweet! I got to missing all of y'all, and wanted to get connected again. :) How have you been?

  4. Oh my goodness!!! That is sooooo funny!! What a small world!!

    We are doing wonderful and are super super busy. You can see tons of pictures and stay updated with my crazy life at my blog

    It is so good to hear from you! What are you all up to? How have you been doing?

  5. Now, a little about your Scribble! :D
    This sounds like a tale of a hidden secret. I like the way you used "unusual" and "curious." Without saying as much, you're saying, "Hey, reader! This is a mysterious story!"
    I wonder what sent him up to the attic (especially since he seems reluctant) and why he's reluctant.

  6. Lisa, that's great! We've been doing just fine, the Lord has always provided. We are now back living in Florida. And to so I don't take up to much of Perry's blog here, here's the links to our family blog, and my personal blog

    And, yes, Perry, I have plenty of mystery in this story. I haven't written very much on paper for this book yet, it is mostly still in my head.
    But it pretty much about this young man Adam, who is grown up and done with religion and his family. But his grandmother has recently died and in her will, left her house to him to do with as he sees fit. On one condition. That he goes up in the attic and finds a certain trunk that his grandmother had saved for him. And the mystery is what is inside the trunk, and what is the truth about his past.