Friday, March 2, 2012


Curiosity spun through the mind of the young and anxious nurse in Kiev, Ukraine. Before she had greatly anticipated this fortunate opportunity to apply at the largest orphanage in the country, where work was never lacking, and pay guaranteed—which meant food, new shoes, and maybe even a new scarf and gloves, but now as she stood a little ways from the office door, an eerie feeling crept over her. The cold concrete walls around her seemed to shout, “Our Prisoner! Our Prisoner! We’ve secrets! Come find us!” 

Sari felt cold beads of sweat drop from her forehead. This leerier building seemed like no refuge at all for poor abandoned children. Drip, Drip, Drip, went the pipe above her head. Murky brown water splattered onto her coat sleeve…a fowl smell lingered in the air as well. What was this place any ways? It seemed more like a dark prison than a warm and welcoming environment for the countless little children bereaved of mother and father, friend, and relative. No laughter was heard, no hallooing, no voices at all.

In an uncontrollable fervor to uncover these mysterious wonderings, Sari wandered away from the office door. Slowly, but boldly, she lunged forward into a dimly lighted hallway. Skirmishing was heard, and rats were seen flying about at the sight of life! They were disturbed, and unaccustomed it seemed to being so. 

Then all at once Sari found herself in front of a dark entrance, so dark, so quiet you could feel it! After standing aloof for a few minutes, frozen, and fearful, Sari sauntered forward once more into the unknown…into the forbidden secret of secrets! Shoving her hand forward, she grappled for something, anything that might reveal and unravel the untold! It wasn’t long before her fingers scraped themselves across countless cold metal bars, which sliced through her heart in an instant. Adventuring further she adjusted her eyes to the darkness and lo and behold several hundred pair of eyes met hers. 

The metal bars she had felt were not doors to cells, but cribs…many hundreds of cribs. All of them held babies and not one made a whimper! No one was there to coddle or sing to them. All were fed, none physically abused, but who cares of that when the souls and hearts are trampled upon and cast aside? They were indeed so neglected that they cried not at all, and shed not a tear. Each face was as solemn as ever! They knew not what smiles or joy were! The epitome of communism! O miserable! O wretched! O demolish and obliterate the agenda of the leftist, humanist and socialist alike!

Copyright 2012 by Brooke C.


  1. I really like it,'s spooky! and sad.

  2. Ditto the spooky and sad. Nice writing, Brooke! I particularly like:
    “Our Prisoner! Our Prisoner! We’ve secrets! Come find us!”
    Makes me curious (and afraid) to know what secrets she will uncover.

  3. Wow, that had me shivering. Well done!

  4. The sad part is, its realistic. With communism, nothing is to far off the beaten path.
    Good work.

  5. Ok Perry, you need to allow comments on your other blog with Amiee. That video is Hysterical! (yes, I used a capital - it deserved it) I had to go watch it again just for kicks. Dunno who thought of that, but whoa is it funny.

    1. Oh, isn't it wonderful?!! That video is also posted here: But, yes, we've been discussing enabling comments. We shall see... ;)

    2. Oh, and if that was funny, you'll enjoy this (you, too Lisa, I've been meaning to send this to you guys):
      (NaNoWriMo is a real thing:

    3. I'll watch this when I get some time...but I LOVE, LOVE, LIKE, ADORE the video on Aimee's blog. Jessie and I watched it like 5 times and just cracked up every time. That guy is awesome. "Whatever floats your boat..." TOO funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Great job! I am sending you a letter soon...