Friday, March 2, 2012

"Promise Me"

Kneeling beside the gravestone, he dropped his head into his hands and sighed heavily. 

If only she had not been so entirely firm and unbending in her last words.  If only he had not promised.  If only she knew the circumstances he was facing now.   Was a promise forever, or could the dire circumstances unbind him from his words? 

The whole scene played through his mind yet again.  He could see her now, laying wearily on the bed, and then rising slightly when he entered the room.  He had pressed her to lay back down, but she refused.  She would not listen to anything until he took the promise, she begged him with every ounce of strength never to turn from the words he was saying.  He had said ‘yes.’

Something inside him stirred and with a strong urge he wanted to stay true to the last thing he ever promised to his beloved.  

But something else inside him argued this could not possibly be done.  Principles, he reasoned, could not always stand as the truth.  There must be a circumstance at sometime—a circumstance like the one he found himself experiencing—that nullified the principle.  

Shutting his eyes, soft words repeated themselves in his mind, over again.

“Promise me, promise me, you’ll never turn from the principles we’ve stood upon.  Promise me, promise me…promise me…”

Copyright 2012 by Amy P.


  1. Wow, this deals with some deep ethical priciples, sorrow, and honor... all in 10 minutes! I like how the sense of backstory is two-fold. There is the more immediate something that is pressuring him to reconsider his promise, and this is preceded by the backstory of him and his "beloved" and what happened to her. Good Scribble, Amy! :)

  2. *sniff* I want to know the rest of the story! It sounds really good.

  3. Wow, Amy. Good one!! I want to know the rest of the story.

  4. Hi Amy, I'm an Aimee too! I really like this one, you should finish it. Why did she die?

  5. Thank you all! I had so much fun doing this scribble :-)

    @Aimee--so much fun to meet other Amy/iee-s :-)