Friday, March 2, 2012


The old man heaved another stone and placed it, or rather dropped it into place. He stopped to wipe his forehead. If only it hadn't happened. He and his son had almost been finished with the house and had called the rest of the family to come by train.

Then "They" had come, destroying their work and killing his son. Now his wife and children were almost there and would have no place to stay. Now he alone was trying to finish the work.

Whey did "They" do it? Probably revenge, he reasoned. Well, they had had it now. The one thing he worried about was that "They" might return again when his family was there. The old man heaved another stone into place. This time he had trouble lifting it into place. Pains started creeping across his chest, and he stumbled...

Copyright 2012 by Paul W.


  1. This made my spine prickle, especially after just watching "How the West Was Won." Good writing, Paul. I think the best part about it is the very subtle way you alluded to backstory. There are many ways of doing this (like in mine: "from the summer before"). But I appreciate your simple sentence: "Probably revenge, he reasoned." By definition "revenge" must have a backstory.

  2. What's going on here? Finish it Paul! I'll tickle the stuffing out of you if you don't!

    In case you are all wondering he's my little brother.