Saturday, August 4, 2012

"Just a Note"

Photo credit: mconnors
Dear Mama,
This is just a quick note to update you on the kids before you get here.
Bobby had to have extensions put in his braces the other day. I felt so bad for him, but he's tough, like his father, and doesn't let on that he's uncomfortable. He's setting such a fine example for the younger ones.
Yesterday Janie was playing "pharmacist" and was working in an "apothecary." The very words she used! Last week she was a speech therapist, and opened her own speech clinic for "all those poor Mexicans who can't speak English." What an imagination for a five year old!
And the twins Maggie and Mark are just like two peas in a pod! Whatever Mark does Maggie does, and wherever he goes, she follows. They are just too cute. Just this morning they were playing under the table, and Mark conked his little head. While I was kissing his hurt away, Maggie jumped up and purposely bonked her head on the underside of the table! What a pair!
We all are looking forward to your upcoming visit!
Your loving daughter,

Copyright 2012 by Sadie F.

(5 words: extension, speech clinic, pod, apothecary, conk)


  1. Adorable little ones! I love the endearing descriptions of what they've been up to. :) Great way to work those 5 words in there!

  2. I love the characters of the twins!

  3. I agree with Kate, the twins are hilarious! I really like how you used a letter to include your words. I think your words were harder than mine,but thanks anyway for saying mine were hard.
    Janie sounds cute! Good idea of using her playing cute games for your unusual words.