Saturday, August 4, 2012

"Scroll Search"

Photo credit: cohdra
Head in hands, he leaned forward with his elbows on the cherry wood desk, deep in thought. "This is a job big enough for the FBI," he muttered, staring down at the parchment spread before him.
"If only they handled scrolls," his partner said from a nearby desk.  She was typing furiously on a computer when the door of the small office swung open.
"I've got it!" the man said, triumphantly, holding out a well wrapped roll.
He hastily cleared off a cluttered desk and carefully unrolled the illuminate scroll. The woman secretary gave him an excited nudge. "This may be it!"
"This is how the birth of Christ came about..." the first man began to read. "Yes, this is it! We'd better hurry!"

Copyright 2012 by Kate W.

(5 words: nudge, Federal Bureau of Investigation, roll, illuminate, Christ)


  1. Great job, Kate! I like the pacing; the actions are full of energy. It makes me feel in a hurry like they are. And what one earth are they up to??! :) How was it using Webster's 1828? Require some creativity?

  2. Thanks! I didn't end up using the 1828 because the first word I came to was so archaic I didn't know what it was!

    1. That's funny! Yes, the 1828 would be an extra challenge. That's all I have to use, so we'll see how it goes...

    2. You did really well with your words! It would end up needing to be medieval though with the ones you ended up with. : )

  3. Good job Kate! I love this kind of 'detective' work, especially if they are trying to find all the pieces for the Bible.
    Neat pics for all the stories! Are you getting them from those clip art sites you told us about?

    By the way, I'm NOT a robot!! ;)

    1. Glad you like the pictures! I thought that would be fun this time. And yes, they're from those sites.
      (I know you're not a robot. Blogger doesn't, though.)