Saturday, August 4, 2012

"The Dark Plans"

Photo credit: jeltovski
It was in the dark of night. Actually, it was just past the children's bedtimes. Billy and Daniel Clark were discussing the weekend's plans.
"We could go dapping," Daniel suggested, thinking of other exciting things to do.
"Hmmm...." Billy replied thoughtfully. "I may have a proposition."
"What is it?" his brother asked curiously.
"Your dapping idea was good," he said, leaving Daniel in pure suspense. "We could...."
"Tell me, tell me!"
"Go......ready for it?  Hunting!"
"Really, what a great proposition." Daniel said. "But we can't do it tomorrow because we're doing the land reform project with Dad."
"And afterwards, he'll want us to repose due to summer heat," Billy finished.
"Since we're leaving at 11:00 am with Dad, we could go dapping in the early morning!" Daniel said.
"That's ideal," Billy replied.
"So let's plan for 8:00 am tomorrow," Daniel said.
"Agreed," replied his brother.

Copyright 2012 by Sydney W.

(5 words: proposition, repose, dap, ideal, land reform)
Vocabulary note: to "dap" means to fish by letting the fly bob lightly on the water without letting the line touch the water.


  1. Great job, Sydney! You did really well with all your unusual words. : ) What dictionary were you using?

  2. Great job, Sydney! Those were some tricky words. It sounds like the boys are going to enjoy some adventures the next day! :)

  3. Thanks guys! I was using the American Heritage Dictionary. It's a big book! You did great on yours also!