Saturday, August 4, 2012

"A Puzzling Genealogy"

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September 29
Dear Diary,

I spent the day researching my genealogies again.  Each new thing I discover seems to bring me closer to my past which helps in a way. 

Today, though, brought about some rather incongruous discoveries.  Perhaps I’ve just made a mistake in my research…hopefully that’s the case.  I shall be more than slightly disappointed if I discover what seemed to be an important stepping stone in my history was really a hoax put there for the purpose of…honestly I don’t know what purpose it would have served…

…Unless I’m stumbling on a secret bigger than I had realized.  Why ever had Great Aunt Enna kept all these papers hidden out of sight and locked up in the attic?  Why had she frowned and made excuses when I discovered the key for the chest?  Perhaps there is more than old and forgotten papers stored in that deep chest. 

Well, anyway, this all has something to do with Patrick, a cousin to Great Aunt Enna.  At least, I thought he was her cousin.  But now, even that, and the important role he played in the whole family tree, has come under question. He’s the equestrian, you may recall.  Or, that’s what I understand at the moment.

I must continue my sleuthing.  I’ll return later and share more with you.
Yours Truly,

Copyright 2012 by Amy P.

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  1. A journal entry--that's clever! :) I like the mystery, obviously, of the incongruous family history. But there's also mystery to why each new thing she discovers seems to bring her closer to her past "which helps in a way." Makes me wonder about her present situation. Nice!

  2. Amy, this was phenomenal! It is creative, mysterious, and very intreging. Great job!

  3. I really like how you made it a journal entry! Great job!