Monday, March 4, 2013

Review: "Never" a Western by J. Grace Pennington

This word inspires Travis and Ross as they persevere through hardship and injustice in this mysterious western. When a shot rings out in the night, two brothers find themselves in the midst of a mess far more complicated and sinister than they realized existed in their little town. With one brother convicted of murder and the other seeking to prove him innocent, the plot unfolds into a Whodunnit complete with multiple suspects and double-crossing characters. The story unpacks into unlikely heroes, faithful sidekicks, unexpected enemies, and even a very important canary!
The story deals with important issues like not compromising even if it will cost you your life and perseverance in trials even when you are weak. The characters were rich and easy to sympathize with. The emotion and feelings were portrayed with realism, not coming across as overly psychological, but still making me feel every gut-wrenching moment of the characters' trials. I was genuinely depressed while in the mines with Travis!
I do feel there could have been more reliance on Christ demonstrated in the story. This is really my only critique, though!
I heartily recommend this story for older readers. An excellent Whodunnit with characters of strong character and a legacy of no-compromise handed down from a good father.
Please note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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