Monday, May 6, 2013

Not as It Seems

I was just thinking I love plots in which things are not as they seem.
I had fun thinking of a few plot possibilities...
  •  Someone isn't who they seem to be, but everyone believes them. One person doesn't, but keeps up the appearance of believing them.
  • Someone isn't who most people think he is, and those who know who he really is don't actually have it right either.
  • There is a mystery afoot, but it's actually no mystery to the person seeking help with it.
  • There are bad things happening to helpless people, but these things were actually planned by the rescuers.
Methinks I must write a not-as-it-seems story one of these days.
(P.S.-I really enjoyed part two of the Sherlock Holmes story, "The Valley of Fear". Just sayin'.)


  1. Wow--how interesting! I want to write one too now :)

    Thank you for following my blog and leaving a request for one of my blog posts. I should be getting that up within the next couple of weeks!

  2. You charge an awful lot for a book cover. I know several who can make professional ones for cheaper.

  3. Hello Hannah! Nice to see you here! Glad you enjoyed the post! :)
    I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on your blog!

  4. Hello Anonymous!
    I would be interested in a link to their pricing. When researching what others were charging, many were $50 per hour. I would love to see some other examples and I might re-evaluate my pricing. :) Thanks for commenting!