Friday, December 9, 2011


Previously, I described a character named "Alicia." Looking back over that scribble, I realized it is mainly a static description. Meaning, it isn't narrative. I wanted to do one that would better fit into the flow of a story. "Gavynn" was described under very noisy circumstances, so hopefully he makes some sense and seems ready to take his place in a narrative story...

In the dim corner of the room sat a figure. Firelight played upon his hawk-like face, shadows haunting the many wrinkles and the hollows of his deepset eyes. His silver beard spilled onto the dark green woolen cloak clasped about his shoulders. In the shadows, his eyes were on the merry feast before him, but he did not seem to really be seeing, because, in his rough, strong hands he held a small harp. As he looked before him, his mind was on the soft notes resonating through the smooth, curved wood. Resonating through the wood to his bones and into his soul. He played notes so soft only he could hear them. It had been this way for a long time. He did not mind, as he slowly play the chords of his favorite ballad. For all these years, as he had travelled the dusty roads and been received everywhere as an honored guest because of his music, it seemed that some part of his songs only he could hear. This feasting crowd, like the rest, would smile and dance and enjoy his music, but only he would understand the deeper, stronger pull of the ballads he loved so well.
Copyright 2011 Perry Elisabeth

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  1. This is a great character description! It's easy to imagine him sitting there. It also gives the impression that you appreciate his art :)

  2. Yes, I might appreciate his art... ;)
    Thanks for the input, Jordanna!