Sunday, August 5, 2012

"Sweater Saga"

Photo credit: alvimann
One early morning a girl stepped out onto her front porch and admired her ray flowers nearby. She quickly got into her car and then drove off. She soon pulled into the store parking lot. She went inside and saw some pretty suede pullover sweaters on a shelf by the door. They were almost gone so the rest that were left were dark green with pretty designs on them. She chose one and then went to the counter.

 "Hello, may I help you?" the lady asked looking up.

"Yes. May I have this sweater?" she asked. Placing the sweater on the counter she paid and went home.

She wore the sweater a lot and always took it places after that. One day she took it to church but after church she couldn't find it. She looked everywhere but still she could not find it. So one day she went to church when something caught her eye. She looked at it and saw a little green thing sticking out from under the piano. It turned out that she had played the piano and got hot so she took her sweater off. It fell on the floor and somehow it got stuck under the piano. So that was a happy ending!

Copyright 2012 by Pearl W.

(5 words: pullover, suede, rest, ray flower, early)


  1. A lovely tale of sweaters lost and sweaters found! I like it, Pearl. :) Good job working those words in there. Keep it up; you're making a good little writer!

    1. Thank you, Perry!I miss you! I like your story.

  2. Good job, Pearl! You know I like green sweaters. : )