Monday, August 6, 2012

Scribble Fest 4

Wow! Everyone did a fantastic job on their Scribbles! I'm guessing everyone's vocabulary was stretched a bit by the 5 random word challenge this time. I think the most obscure word showed up in Sydney's "Dark Plans" in which the boys intend to go "dapping." (In other words, fishing.) I loved seeing the creative approaches to working those words into a paragraph (most notably, making it a letter or a journal entry.)

Scribblers! There's one thing I want to remind you of: just for participating in the Scribble Fest, you get a special entry in the "Pearl's Practice" e-book giveaway! Once you have done the first step (which is to provide your email address) the widget then unlocks an entire list of other ways you can enter. One says SATURDAY ONLY and is worth 3 points. That's just for you!

For convenience, here's a list of the ever-so-creative Scribbles from this weekend. Be sure to leave an encouraging comment; the authors love it!

  • "Sweater Saga" by Pearl W.
  • "A Puzzling Genealogy" by Amy P.
  • "The Dark Plans" by Sydney W.
  • "The Box of Green Glen" by Yours Truly
  • "The Garden" by Anna W.
  • "Just a Note" by Sadie F.
  • "Scroll Search" by Kate W.
  • "Moving On" by Jordanna P.

  • Thanks, everyone, for participating!

    Coming up next: more about words and vocabulary!

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